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God Says We Live Forever – Does Psychiatry Agree?

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Last week we began reading the first chapter of a novel coming in February, 2022: “God says we live forever, Psychiatry agrees!”

A story about a near-death experience of Jonathon Donald – a phenomenon of which thousands of dying people have spoken. The similarities are surreal. Our soul lives forever. When the soul leaves the body – even briefly – then returns, we receive guidance as to what lay ahead.

Here’s a continuation of that story AND the debate over near-death events.

Chapter 1 May 17, 2021, 8:30 p.m., FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

        Over at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, another follower of Bernard Espy research is eager to hear his views. FBI Director, Christopher Wray has invited Espy and two colleagues, Leo Wan, MD, twice a winner of the Troland Award in psychiatry and Anita Andres, MD, renowned expert in the field of regression and progression therapy, to FBI Headquarters to discuss the phenomenon of immortality. Wray looks like a cute movie star, dimple and all, and his sense of humor in law enforcement ranks is legendary, but make no mistake, his curious mind is on alert 24/7/365. Today, the possibility of immortality is what’s on his mind.  

          “Thank you, esteemed doctors, for flying in. You didn’t happen to see any strange discs over Reagan International on your descent, did you?” Plenty of chuckles as the doctor triumvirate were reminded of the UFO sightings in both 2017 and 1952 over our Capitol City. “But we’re here for something else, in my mind every bit as mysterious. Immortality! Does it exist?”

        “Let’s divide our discussion into two segments – physical immortality and spiritual immortality. I have read some of the research by all three of you. Since you address the idea that each human being may or may not have a spirit or soul which may or may not die, I’d like to focus on that in this session.”

          “But just so you know, the Bureau is also investigating the possibility of physical immortality. We have evidence of four men – one now deceased, an innocent victim of the mob – and possibly one woman who appear to have lived hundreds of years, but they look like twenty-somethings. Ironically, all of them reside in our hemisphere, and we are busy trying to protect them from rogue nations and ill-intending thugs. Frankly, all of us are hoping for the same outcome – to discover their secret to longevity. So “on to Cincinnati” as Coach Belichick likes to say. Can you esteemed researchers please throw some light my way on this? First, however, allow me to review aloud a brief bio on each of you.”

        “Anita Andres, M.D., you are a graduate of Johns Hopkins and Yale Medical School. Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. You authored seven acclaimed books on regression research, documenting evidence that the human soul continues to live but in multiple bodies over time.”

          Dr. Andres: “Nailed it, Director.”

        “Bernard Espy, M.D., you did your undergrad work at Harvard, continuing on to Harvard Medical School from where you graduated #2 in your class. Couldn’t spike #1’s coffee, Doc? (laughter) Seemingly, a polar opposite of Dr. Andres, you wrote your doctorate dissertation on the false conclusions of regression research. No sharp knives for either of you two.” (easy laughter)

Dr. Espy: “My mind is continuously open to scientific proof, Director.”

        “Leo Wan, M.D., you took an inauspicious route to the top of the psychiatry profession. You did your undergrad work at the University of Florida, then matriculated to their College of Medicine. Yet, you are the one psychiatrist here today and the only individual in the entire field of psychiatry to win, not one, but two, Troland Research Awards, one on the “collective conscience” of mankind. Maybe you would have won three if you had attended Harvard or Yale?” 

(Wray is a natural in the art of bringing luminaries such as these into open, robust conversation.)

            Dr. Andres: “Simply put, Director, the human spirit (our soul) is immortal. My colleagues and I have documented what is now thousands of cases of true regression – the human soul inhabiting multiple bodies throughout human history. I lay my marker down on this right here and now. Our research is irrefutable. “

         “Whoa! Dr. Espy, your esteemed colleague, Dr. Andres, has just delivered a high and tight fastball, ‘chin music’ as they say in the BIGS. In your professional writings, YOU maintain that regression into past lives is a myth. That the whole idea that humans have lived in other bodies in the past is a ruse. Care to comment?”     

           Dr. Espy laughing: “I hope that I would be a bit more professional about it, Director. Nevertheless, the truth is, some human brains hold vast knowledge which can be illuminated under hypnosis. Dr. Andres is well-intended, I’m sure, but also wrong.”

        Anita Andres shifts in her sofa chair, her tight knit skirt high enough above the knee to gain the attention of all three men. Given her shapely legs and the lovely contrast between her attractive tan skin and the pale-yellow skirt she is wearing, Andres is hard to ignore. In the final analysis, we are all still members of the animal kingdom.

        “This discussion is already a whole lot more interesting than my meetings with federal agents. Dr. Wan, we’d better have you register a comment here before any fisticuffs fly.” Espy throws a protesting facial gesture toward Wray. Andres hikes up her skirt another inch. 

            Wan: “I am a few days away from completing my study on the immortality of the soul taking up residence in multiple bodies through history. I have always discounted this possibility.”

            “So, 2:1 then? You side with Dr. Espy? Our soul is NOT immortal, at least in the sense that it inhabits other bodies from the past?” Espy is half-listening, his other half is scrutinizing Anita Andres. Not only shapely, tan legs, but a near wrinkle-free face looking thirty-five, though closer to age fifty. Espy finds himself fidgeting.

          Wan: “About forty days ago, yes, it was 2:1, Dr. Espy and I were both denying regression theory (past lives), and certainly, progression (future lives).”

        “And now?”

          Wan: “Still 2:1, Director, but now it’s on the side of Dr. Andres – our souls do migrate toward heaven – or hell – as we learn many lessons in other bodies first. It appears we need to acquire faith initially and end our lives immersed in love.”

        Wray looks at the only female in the meeting. He chuckles inside, Anita Andres may win this debate without saying another word. ‘Yellow skirt’ is in the lead.

          Dr. Wan: “Oh, I could go on and on about patients under hypnosis speaking as many as twelve foreign languages, but none or only one today. Or describing ancient buildings and dress attire and farming techniques and tools in detail without having any background or knowledge of these things in their waking state today. Such factual discoveries indicate that these patients gained those experiences in past lives. One cannot explain away all of these discoveries by referencing the nebulous psychiatric theories of Carl Jung. They are too specific, too real, too dramatic.”

        “I get the impression that you’re about to tell us more, Dr. Wan?”

         Wan: “Yes, hold on for dear life! In my forty years as a clinical psychologist and medical doctor, I have dropped to my knees in amazement exactly once – this year – during an interview with a patient referred to me by Dr. Andres. Her name is Rose.

        “By all means, share with us, Doc. My breathing is getting shallow already.”

         Wan: “I had already documented seventeen of Rose’s two-hundred-twenty-three lives on Planet Earth. During hypnosis, I asked her if she could locate a future body – one that she would occupy AFTER her present life. She did. She went into impressive detail about her current life and death in a quietly historic little town in NE Ohio named Doylestown. She said she dies in the year 2054 and then enters a new body onward into another century.”

        “But how can you prove the future? Those events have not happened yet.”

          Wan: “Well, that’s the thing, Director. I asked her a version of that question. With Rose under hypnosis, I said, ‘Is there any way you can show me the future?’”

Next time we’ll visit the future with Rose, illustrating that not only did we – in all likelihood – live in other bodies in the past, but we will also – in all likelihood – live in other bodies in the future. It seems that the only thing that breaks this cycle is entrance into Heaven or “that other place”.

In the meantime, we encourage you to explore further using our expanding bibliography:

Many Lives, Many Masters” Brian L. Weiss, MD

Coming Back: A Psychiatrist Explores Past Life Journeys” Raymond A. Moody, MD

Same Soul, Many Bodies” Brian L. Weiss, MD

Through Time into Healing” Brian L. Weiss, MD 

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin’s Novella and Two Novels on IMMORTALITY:

June 01, 2021: “God says we live forever…” a Kindle VELLA Mystery

Nov 25, 2021: “1000 YEARS of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak!” Feb 25, 2022: “God says we live forever, Psychiatry agrees!

Mumpa Lawrence Durbin

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin, is an award-winning essayist, and Best Selling Author. A connoisseur of mysteries and thrillers, he writes extensively on the fantasy of all fantasies – human immortality. 

1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak! , release date November 15, 2021, is being relaunched by popular demand with a trilogy of thrillers to follow, each illuminating a newly-discovered aspect of human immortality. 

Mumpa became interested in the twin mysteries of physical and spiritual immortality thirty-five years ago while living in St. Augustine, Florida near the site of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 discovery, the Fountain of Youth.

He is a participating member of American Writers and Illustrators. MUMPA received his degree in Education and Government from Kent State University and a CFP degree from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He has been a CFP instructor at the University of Akron, operated a 14-person firm for a dozen years, and has traveled the globe extensively, asking the question we all end up asking at some point in our lives…

Is that all there is? 

Fortunately for the rest of us, MUMPA answers that question convincingly with unimpeachable proofs, thrills, and a fast-paced, entertaining style…


According to the bible, we're eternal beings who live forever. But does psychiatry agree? Find out when you tune into this riveting story about past-lives and future bodies.

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