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Reincarnation: Proof You’ll Live in Future Bodies

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Last week in Mumpa’s Miracles you read about a middle-aged woman (Pauline) whose soul lived in other bodies of the past.

  1. That was the Left Jab – A remarkable story of a young woman’s life in 1777. 
  1. Today the Right Jab – Our soul will live in new bodies in the future.

Remember: There is ONE BIG EXCEPTION, but we will get to that soon.

You will notice, if you haven’t already, that our articles read like a novel. But make no mistake – this is not hyperbole. The details of thousands of these cases are available to you in our ever-expanding Bibliography following each article.

Indeed, the names and places have been changed, but not the basic facts.

Ready yet, my friend?

Proof You’ll Live in Future Bodies

Great! Let’s hear then from an esteemed doctor of Psychiatry & Neurology who is meeting with the Director of a government agency about patients he has taken back and forth in time under therapeutic hypnosis. We’ll call him Leo Wan, MD. 

Dr. Wan: “Oh, I could go on and on about patients under hypnosis speaking multiple foreign languages, but only one or two today. Or describing ancient buildings and dress attire and farming techniques and tools in detail without having any background or knowledge of these things in their waking state. Such factual discoveries indicate that these patients gained those experiences in past lives. One cannot explain away all of these discoveries by referencing the nebulous psychiatric theories of ‘collective conscience’ proffered by Carl Jung. Experiences these patients had and discovered in therapy are too specific, too real, too dramatic.”

 “I get the impression that you’re about to tell us more, Dr. Wan?”

Wan: “Yes, hold on for dear life! In my forty years as a clinical psychologist and medical doctor, I have dropped to my knees in amazement exactly once – this year – during an interview with a patient referred to me by Dr. Andres. Her name is Rose.

        “By all means, share with us, Doc. My breathing is getting shallow already.

Wan: “I had already documented seventeen of Rose’s two-hundred-twenty-three past lives on Planet Earth. During hypnosis, I asked her if she could locate a future body – one that she would occupy AFTER her present life. She did. She went into impressive detail about her current life and death in a quiet, historic little town in NE Ohio. She said she dies in the year 2054 and then enters a new body onward into the next century.

Reincarnation: Future Bodies

        “But how can you prove the future? Those events have not happened yet.

Wan: “Well, that’s the thing, Director. I asked her a version of your question. With Rose under hypnosis, I said, ‘Is there any way you can show me the future?’

        “She did that?

Wan continues: “And then some. There is a racetrack just east of Cleveland, Ohio called Thistledown. It’s been there since 1925, and it hosts a prestigious race every year, the Ohio Derby. Anyhow, they opened about six months ago on a Saturday. They run from mid-April into early November. I asked Rose to look at the race card for the next racing day – a Tuesday – to see if her soul’s movements back and forth in human time would allow her to reveal the winner. Rose has never been to a horserace in her life. Not even sure she knows they love apples.

Wan: “She could not do this in her waking state, but under hypnosis she said that she was seeing six horses and the jockeys, in their colors. Plus, the start and finish.

Wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that she picked the actual winner?

Wan: “The winner, the jockey colors, the shades of the horses, and even the texture of the track. We confirmed it all after the race was over.”

        “I have to admit that the ’colors thing’ smacks of big time ESP, but maybe she was a little lucky picking the winner?

Wan: “We thought the same thing, Director, but we tried it again the next day.

        “Same result, I take it?”

Wan: “Rose picked the winner and winning jockey colors many straight days.

        “You and Rose must be wealthy now?”

Dr. Wan: “I heard that you disarm people with your humor and folksy ways, Director. Of course, we placed no bets. Our goal was to verify whether our souls can transcend the future or go back into the past, not to line our pockets.

        “Out of curiosity though, how much could you have won?

Wan:  $147,905 with moderate bets on all races plus a daily double and trifecta.

Do we all live in past bodies?” 

Wan: “Yes, with ONE BIG EXCEPTION.”

And will we all live in future ones?

Wan: “Yes, with that ONE BIG EXCEPTION.”

“Can’t wait for our next session, Doc!”

Yes, we’ll talk about what may prevent our soul from residing in other bodies. We believe it is a wonderful event based upon all available research, but we also acknowledge that for some, maybe not…??? See you next week, my friend.

Mumpa Lawrence Durbin

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin, is an award-winning essayist, and Best Selling Author. A connoisseur of mysteries and thrillers, he writes extensively on the fantasy of all fantasies – human immortality. 

1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak! , release date November 15, 2021, is being relaunched by popular demand with a trilogy of thrillers to follow, each illuminating a newly-discovered aspect of human immortality. 

Mumpa became interested in the twin mysteries of physical and spiritual immortality thirty-five years ago while living in St. Augustine, Florida near the site of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 discovery, the Fountain of Youth.

He is a participating member of American Writers and Illustrators. MUMPA received his degree in Education and Government from Kent State University and a CFP degree from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He has been a CFP instructor at the University of Akron, operated a 14-person firm for a dozen years, and has traveled the globe extensively, asking the question we all end up asking at some point in our lives…

Is that all there is? 

Fortunately for the rest of us, MUMPA answers that question convincingly with unimpeachable proofs, thrills, and a fast-paced, entertaining style…


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