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Past Bodies and Future Lives: What You Need to Know

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We opened last week with two admittedly bold premises (didn’t read last weeks’ piece? Check it out here).

  1. The Left Jab – Our soul has lived in other bodies in the past.
  1. And the Right – Our soul will live in new bodies in the future.

There is ONE BIG EXCEPTION but we will get to that soon enough.

For now, let’s free our mind, relax our bodies, and put our spirit at rest. Paulene Sasse, who suffers from acute anxiety, is being put under relaxing hypnosis by Reginald Cartier, MD of Psychiatry & Neurology.  

Welcome, Pauline. Rest. Lie on the sofa, rest your head on the soft pillow, close your eyes a little. Good! Now, enjoy a deep breath. Good! Another. A few more. VERY good! You feel the stored-up tension coming out of you, your anxiety subsiding. Now, feel your face relax. I can see you’re enjoying that. Now let your shoulders relax, your back, your legs and arms, your fingers, your feet and toes. Excellent. Now, imagine a comforting light at your head, moving down your body, your muscles relaxing one-by-one. Your body is totally relaxed now. You are getting sleepier and sleepier. Your sole focus is on the relaxing light.

This is a true story. Only the names have been changed.

Everything else happened, much as it is laid out here. It is one of thousands of documented cases worldwide, multiplying exponentially. I must add that I am an author. I write thrillers and mysteries mostly. I take a writer’s liberty in setting scenes and describing actions. Yet, the real-life cases of talented regression and progression therapists are more amazing and revealing than any work of fiction I can write. 

Pauline Sasse went under traditional therapy for over a year, but her acute anxiety only got worse. She refused to marry the man she loved without knowing why. She tensed up in a ball at the thought of having children. 

Dr. Cartier offered to explore her past lives. That she even had past lives shook Pauline to her core, but her anxiety followed by bouts of depression were too severe to ignore a possible cure. 

Past Bodies

Here is what happened under hypnosis when a “new voice” replied to Dr. Cartier, straight from Pauline’s vocal cords. The voice was lilting, sing-song, but confident:

“Hello, Abhaya. You are new to our meeting but so very welcome.” Regression  psychiatrist, Reginald Cartier, has taken one of his newest patients, Pauline Sasse (acute anxiety) into relaxing hypnosis.

“dhanyavaad, mujhe aapake saath judakar khushee huee.”

While Cartier recognizes the language as Hindi, he cannot speak or interpret it. Instead, he feeds a translation into his earpiece.

“Thank you, I am happy to join you.”

Good, Doc considers this a friendly start. “Where are you from, Abhaya?”

“main poorvottar bhaarat mein rahata hoonjise ab uttar pradesh kaha jaata hai”

Translated: “I live in NE India, now called Uttar Pradesh.”  “You understand my English, but you can answer only in Hindi?”

“nahin, main keval hindee samajhata hoon. polin angrejee samajhatee hai.”

“I understand only Hindi. Pauline understands English.”

“Are you and Pauline communicating to me together then, Abhaya?”

“haan, ham vahee aatma hain.” “Yes, we are the same soul.”

It had taken several counseling sessions, but Cartier was finally able to relax Pauline sufficiently to get her mind to travel back to the decade of the 1770’s when her  soul inhabited a young woman named Abhaya. It was as far back as he could take her. Also, the first time and place in which Pauline seemed determined to be. Tedious yes, to ask questions, then translate from a language he did not know, but even when Cartier took an extra minute to find the English translation, “both” women waited patiently for his next question.

“Abhaya, may I ask you? Are you aware of Pauline’s high anxiety?”

Abhaya: “Of course.” (translated)

“Why do you think she has these feelings?”

“She hates Chinese. She helped kill their babies.”  “When did she do that?” 

“1773-1777 in English time.” 

“But Pauline is only 31 years old.” 

Abhaya: “We are one.”

“So, is it you who killed their babies?” 

Abhaya: “We are one.”

“Then, Pauline carries that hate into 2021?” 

Abhaya: “No, she carries fear.”

“Fear of what?” 

Abhaya: “The fear she will kill her baby.”

“But Pauline is not married and has no boyfriend.”

“She is in love with a coworker. He is in love with her.

But she will not marry him. She fears she will kill again – his baby.”

At this point in her regression session, Pauline registers discomfort which Cartier had not seen before during her hypnosis. He brings her out of her hypnotic state mindfully, yet she continues to shake with such force that it rocks the sofa on which she lay. Perspiration pours out of her as if tanning on a hundred-eleven- degree day in Phoenix. Then chills, then yelling “help me, please help me, no-no- no” again and again and again and again and again.

Then nothing. Pauline sleeps.

“Sometimes I try not to live in the past, but the past lives in me.”

Upon her awakening – quite calm actually – Dr. Cartier compliments her on her “wonderful progress”. They set a follow-up regression session a week hence, but in the seven days leading up to that next session, Pauline begins to feel more relaxed, focused, content. There is something about the catharsis itself that speeds her recovery. 

Pauline Sasse speaks no Hindi. In fact, other than two years of high school Spanish in which she earned C’s, Pauline has never been exposed to any foreign language in a meaningful way. Yet, under hypnosis, Pauline, as Abhaya, speaks fluent Hindi. In other sessions, she is able to describe the village where she grew up, people who lived there, tools, clothing, foods, games, ceremonies, mores. When out of hypnosis she remembers virtually nothing about her life in India in the second half of the 18th Century.

Next time we will delve into a future life of a young woman who could not be appreciably cured of her fears using traditional therapy OR using regression therapy (past lives). On a hunch, her psychiatrist explores the possibility that progression therapy (future lives) might help. It does! And this true story will have your jaw touching the floor. It did mine. 

See you in the future, Good Friend!

Mumpa Lawrence Durbin

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin, is an award-winning essayist, and Best Selling Author. A connoisseur of mysteries and thrillers, he writes extensively on the fantasy of all fantasies – human immortality. 

1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak! , release date November 15, 2021, is being relaunched by popular demand with a trilogy of thrillers to follow, each illuminating a newly-discovered aspect of human immortality. 

Mumpa became interested in the twin mysteries of physical and spiritual immortality thirty-five years ago while living in St. Augustine, Florida near the site of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 discovery, the Fountain of Youth.

He is a participating member of American Writers and Illustrators. MUMPA received his degree in Education and Government from Kent State University and a CFP degree from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He has been a CFP instructor at the University of Akron, operated a 14-person firm for a dozen years, and has traveled the globe extensively, asking the question we all end up asking at some point in our lives…

Is that all there is? 

Fortunately for the rest of us, MUMPA answers that question convincingly with unimpeachable proofs, thrills, and a fast-paced, entertaining style…


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