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Proof We Live Forever (According to Psychiatry)

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“Our souls existed before we were born and continue to exist after we die. And the process of being reborn continues over and over as our souls evolve spirituality.”

Dr. Brian Weiss

Henny Youngman, one of the all-time giants of comedy, the one-liner king of the twentieth century, sometimes enjoyed bouncing jokes off the audience:

Hey, I see Dr. Carson is here tonight. Great doctor, great doctor. Gave his patient six months to live, couldn’t pay his bill, gave him another six months.

If only such wizards existed in real life, right?

Hold on tight, they do! Immortality is real. We live forever. Credit psychiatrists for unveiling what is arguably the most consequential discovery of our time. So many in the disciplined world of scientific methodology have ignored the elephant in the room.

Immortality – we live forever.

Any questions?

Wait a minute, I just buried Aunt Beatrice last month. My grandparents sure as H aren’t around anymore. That enough ‘science’ for you, blogger guy?

Got it! Our bodies aren’t immortal. Millions of obituaries affirm as much. But our body is just a house. Our soul has lived in other bodies in the past.

“And Santa is gonna bring me a Mercedes or two for bein’ a good girl. Hate to burden you with showing ‘proof’, MUMPA, but now would be a good time.”

Sure. First of all, what I am about to share with you today is just the first of a series presenting psychiatric research – evidence – of human immortality, that we have lived in other bodies throughout history and that, in fact, we are likely to live in more bodies in the future – unless we reach Paradise (or X-Paradise?) first.

“I’m Catholic. Jewish. Hindu. Muslim. Evangelical. Indigenous beliefs. I already believe in a reasonable religious path. Who needs your take, MUMPA?”

Everyone! This discovery is so pertinent to our very essence as human beings today and fulfilled spirits in the future that we are foolhardy to ignore it. Further, it is my humble view as a voracious reader of research on immortality – we live forever – that the great religions of the world have it right. It is science itself which needs to catch up. So, Miss Catholic, Mr. Jew, Mrs. Hindu, Mr. Muslim, Ms. Evangelical, and you too, Indigenous one, relax in the beauty of your teachings. We ARE immortal – we live forever. You already got a lot right!

“OK, I’ll bite. You say we’re immortal – we live forever. A little proof, huh?”

Proof we live forever

You want proof of regression – that we have lived in past bodies? Or do you want proof of progression – that we will also live in future bodies, assuming we don’t make the final stop into Heaven or Hell first?

“Both. I’ve followed you this far. My coffee cup is still half-full. Go for it.”

You got it! First, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of “Many Lives, Many Masters” or “Same Soul, Many Bodies” by Brian L. Weiss, MD (Psychiatry). In each future blog, I will add numerous other bibliography sources for you to dig deeply into YOUR past and YOUR future.

In my debut novel, “1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak!”, I lay out the case for extra-long physical lives like that of Methuselah himself who is said to have lived to the age of 969. My fast-paced thriller covers this “less remarkable” aspect of immortality.

In my sequel hitting bookshelves Feb 15, 2022, “God says we live forever, Psychiatry Confirms!”, I delve into a second thriller dealing with our past lives and future lives. Yes immortality – we live forever.

  “Nice advertisement, MUMPA, but time for proof!” 

Fair enough, my insistent friend. For today, allow me to outline for you two stories taken from scenes in “God says we live forever…”  You will find scores of validated interactions between Patient and Psychiatrist in references I will share.  

Past and future lives

Regression (past bodies): Next time I will share a true story about a young woman who went to her psychiatrist for help in dealing with two great fears – getting married and having children. Neither she nor her doctor knew at the time that her cure would go back into a life she lived in India over 350 years ago.

Progression (future bodies): A second woman who had visited several past lives with psychiatrist in an attempt to reduce her clinical anxiety, but without success, is taken into a future life under hypnosis and when asked to prove she is in the future picks the winning horse in fifteen straight races at a famous racetrack.

Soon enough you will find that we are indeed immortal – we live forever. We will also learn that there is a catch. That catch is stands between us and Nirvana.

“So, real proofs are a’comin’, MUMPA?”

More than you could ever realize, my curious new friend. More than you could ever realize. See you next time in a past body, and a future one too!

Mumpa Lawrence Durbin, author of 1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak!

Mumpa Lawrence Durbin is an award-winning essay writer and bestselling author. He debut novel, “1000 Years of Talks with God, Science and Methuselah Speak!” reached the Amazon best-seller list a few weeks after publication.

Currently, Mumpa is busy working on the sequences — Live 1000 Years, the Fulfillment, and Live 1000 Years, the Conclusion. Both works are slated for a 2022 release.

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  1. CAJ Spirituality

    Such a fascinating article and perspective. Brian Weiss’ work is truly remarkable.

    1. mumpabooks

      Yes it is — I consumed his books one after the other. A perspective I both relate to, and enjoy learning about.

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