1000 Years

of Talks with God

Science and Methuselah Speak!

“Each chapter I read of ‘Little Methuselah’ I found myself saying ‘Whew’ and blotting the perspiration off my forehead. Thrills, mystery, spell-binding pace, romance to blush for, double ha-ha humor. I love MUMPA for entertaining me as much as I hate him for robbing me of sleep.” Ramy Vance, Best Selling Author

Lawrence Durbin

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin is a former educator-coach-businessman-writer who has inspired classrooms, brought teams to championships, advised industry leaders, and written piercing, eclectic works for magazines and blogs.

MUMPA first was introduced to the concept of immortality in a concrete way thirty-five years ago while visiting the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth at Archaeological Park, a private science and resort attraction in St. Augustine, Florida. While he concluded, along with other researchers that the springs have no restorative effect on aging, he began an inquiry into the study of the broad field of gerontology and the genetic clock, arriving at the belief that the human life forms may have experienced much longer life spans at various times during the 250,000-year history of the human species. 

Today, MUMPA writes thrilling fiction, often well-cited however, about near-immortals who he believes have graced our planet from time to time, including this present time. He writes with break-neck pace, weaving spellbinding mystery and humor, romance, and spirituality.  

MUMPA lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife, Liliana, and their 16-year old daughter, Natalia, a skilled 2D and 3D artist, who illustrates his works. He also has four grown children Steven, Michelle, Lori, and Dennis who have enjoyed their own professional careers in business, marketing, medicine, and the environmental sciences.

His second book of this trilogy, “1000 Years of Talks with GOD, the first 500 Years” is expected to hit the bookshelves in the first half of 2022.

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Book Desciption

 In this mystery thriller 1000 YEARS of TALKS with GOD…

Thrills galore in this fast-paced mystery plus romance, humor, and spirituality

Discover your soul as you begin to feel that it is YOU who is talking with God

Entertainment with a capital E – the pace will take your breath away.

Romance with a capital R – dare you to read parts of this with your lover.

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